Episode 16: Evolving Gen Z Consumer Base Presents Big Opportunities for Dairy Industry

Generation Z, or those born between 1996-2010, is made up of “old souls in young bodies,” says Jeff Fromm, president of FutureCast and an expert in youth marketing, customer trends and innovation. The statement comes during Fromm’s conversation on the latest episode of Dairy on the Air as he distinguishes Gen Zers from their millennial predecessors and highlights how this influential generation presents big opportunities for the dairy industry.

Within the conversation, Fromm talks to Dairy on the Air guest host Andy Vance, director of Feedstuffs, about Gen Zers’ discerning approach to spending their food dollars. They weigh everything from taste, price, nutrition and convenience to whether something makes them “feel good about themselves” in their purchasing decisions. Dairy already has a lot to offer, but where the industry can really make a difference is by telling the dairy farm story to highlight the responsible care in which milk is produced.

Fromm also discusses Gen Z’s loyalty to brands. “Brands are code for value,” says Fromm. Day-part, need state and palate state all play a role in building loyalty among consumers. But, Fromm points out, consumers can bore quickly. The dairy industry would be well-served to move past the notion of being a commodity food and look for more exciting, innovative ways to establish itself as a brand. Fromm cites Chobani as a success story in this area because they’ve brought new life to the yogurt category by establishing their product as something to be enjoyed at other times during the day than breakfast.

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