About Us

Farmer Stories and Perspectives on Dairy Promotion

The Your Dairy Checkoff podcast is a collaboration between national and local checkoff organizations to showcase examples of how dairy promotion programs are working together to build dairy sales and consumption as well as consumer trust in today’s changing marketplace to maximize dairy farmers checkoff investment.

Each episode will be hosted by dairy farmers or industry experts. Listeners will hear dairy farmer conversations on local, national, and global dairy promotion including consumer research, dairy nutrition, science, and issues updates. Farmers will help guide the selection of topics through listener feedback.

To listen, subscribe to the Your Dairy Checkoff podcast on your favorite podcast platforms including Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I listen?
Do you wonder about the impact of your dairy checkoff investment? Join farmer hosts in conversations about how local and national checkoff works together to build dairy sales and trust in today’s changing marketplace.

Why was Your Dairy Checkoff Podcast created?
This podcast was created to be a one-stop-shop providing farmer stories and perspectives on dairy promotion.

Who is behind this podcast?
Your Dairy Checkoff Podcast is managed by a collaborative team of local and national checkoff staff members.

How do I subscribe or listen?
You can listen by visiting our episode page and clicking on a specific episode’s play icon. This option works best if you are sitting at your computer. If you prefer to listen “on the go” with your phone, you can search for Your Checkoff Podcast on your favorite podcast platform or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Who is this podcast reaching?
Our main audience is dairy farmers interested in learning more about their checkoff investment. This podcast will also reach industry groups like co-ops, dairy and breed organizations, trade associations, universities, etc.

Who are the podcast hosts?
The podcast will be hosted by rotating dairy farmer hosts and other experts. If you’re interested in being a host, reach out to your local checkoff and let them know.

How are topics and guests selected for each episode?
Checkoff staff will develop episodes to ensure a variety of stories, topics and guests are included while also incorporating listener feedback.

How can I suggest an idea for a topic or a guest for the podcast?
You can provide potential episode ideas in our contact form.

How can I rate or review the podcast?
We’d love to hear your feedback through a review, rating or comment. If you’re listing to the podcast through an app, click on the area that says “Write a Review,” “Rate Podcast” or “Comments” and share your feedback. Each platform is a bit different and not all provide an opportunity to share feedback online.

How can I be notified when new episodes are released?
Subscribe to Your Dairy Checkoff podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also expect updates about new episodes in checkoff newsletters and

How often will new podcast episodes be released?

How can I be notified when new episodes are released?
You can receive notifications about new episodes by subscribing. You can also expect updates about in checkoff farmer newsletters and other communications.

How else can I learn about the dairy checkoff?
Working on behalf of dairy farmers, Your Dairy Checkoff at the state, regional, and national level collaborates to implement dairy promotion programs that boost dairy sales and build consumer trust. See how your investment in dairy promotion works at the local and national levels and discover resources to support dairy in local communities.

You can also keep up to date on dairy promotion and research by signing up for the weekly Dairy Checkoff newsletter or joining the private Dairy Checkoff Facebook Group.

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