Episode 6: Revitalizing the Dairy Case

Consider this: With only three percent of the shelf space in stores, dairy accounts for 10 percent of sales and 20 percent of profits. This highlights the opportunity to strengthen our partnerships with retail stores to increase dairy sales. In the latest episode of Dairy on the Air, Lucas Lentsch, CEO of Midwest Dairy, is joined by Doug Adams of Prime Consulting Group, to discuss the work Midwest Dairy is doing with retailers to revitalize milk and dairy sales.

The Milk Revitalization Project, which brings the resources of the industry together to increase dairy sales in stores, is a tool to help retailers with dairy case sales. Discussing the program, Adams outlined the four pillars of action:

  • Shopper marketing – How to reach consumers with positive messaging before they get to the store
  • Getting the shelf right – Ensuring there is enough shelf space for the products consumers are seeking
  • Packing innovation – Using packaging to grab attention and communicate with consumers
  • Product innovation – Responding to consumer requests for products they desire

Adams also shared an example of how implementing the pillars of action helped a convenience store reposition itself as the local dairy store, increasing sales of milk, improving customer satisfaction and growing revenue.

“Retailers are the critical link between the farmer and the consumer,” said Adams. “And they want to make sure they get it right.”

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