Episode 18: Millennials Matter to Dairy Industry Success

Millennials, those born between 1981-1996, make up the largest demographic in the United States, and they have a larger spending power than the two generations before them, Baby Boomers and Generation X.

With the potential for so much influence, capturing the hearts of Millennials is important to success for the dairy industry.

In a new episode of Dairy on the Air, host and Midwest Dairy CEO Lucas Lentsch sits down with Eve Pollet, senior vice president of strategic intelligence at Dairy Management Inc., to discuss why Millennials matter to the dairy industry and how the dairy industry can engage and innovate to better connect with this influential generation.

During the conversation, Pollet, an expert in consumer insights and trends, expands on Millennials’ values and beliefs, including their reliance on technology, a desire for systemic change and a reluctance to trust.

She explains how their need for truth and transparency in the brands they support presents an opportunity for dairy. Given the industry’s commitment to sustainability and quality animal care and safe milk production, dairy farmers have an authentic story to share with Millennials. Additionally, increased marketing of milk’s clean label can capture Millennials’ attention.

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