Episode 25: Shifting consumer demands & opportunities for dairy post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered consumer habits, and dairy has felt that impact in various ways. Larry Levin, executive vice president of market and shopper intelligence at IRi Worldwide, joins host Andy Vance on the latest episode of Dairy on the Air to discuss how the pandemic increased demand for dairy and what dairy can do to sustain positive gains.

Sharing his insights, in part from research funded by Midwest Dairy, Levin discusses changes in consumer behaviors such as cooking and baking from home more often and an increased reliance on online shopping and grocery pickup and delivery.

He shares how dairy has experienced growth as an entire category, and why he expects the growth to be sustainable. In addition, Levin addresses additional opportunities for dairy, such as cross-promoting given a pattern of consumers purchasing multiple dairy products at once (e.g. butter and milk, not just milk).

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