Episode 30: Fueling dairy’s success through e-commerce channels

The latest episode of Midwest Dairy’s Dairy on the Air podcast – Fueling dairy’s success through e-commerce channels – features an in-depth discussion with Paul Ziemnisky, executive vice president of Global Innovation Partnerships at Dairy Management Inc. (DMI).

Ziemnisky shares his insights on the dairy industry’s growing relationship with Amazon and what this means for dairy now that more consumers are grocery shopping online due to the pandemic.

In a conversation with host Andy Vance, Ziemnisky discusses the beginnings of DMI’s relationship with Amazon, which started in early 2019 when DMI reached out to learn more about Amazon’s foray into the fresh food and beverage scene.

Ziemnisky also shares how his team partnered with Amazon’s leadership to help tell dairy’s story in the digital space, giving Amazon a “Dairy 101” lesson on merchandising best practices, using facts to build credibility and showcase the power of real dairy.

Ziemnisky says the future is bright for the dairy community, especially with the exciting opportunity to have the second-largest company in the world share dairy’s story, connecting consumers with the sustainable farm to table journey.

Ziemnisky also discusses the timing of this relationship, and how there has been an acceleration of e-commerce over the past several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic with 54% of households now ordering groceries online and noting that once consumers start shopping online, they rarely stop.

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