Episode 29: Dairy and the power of resilience

The latest episode of Midwest Dairy’s Dairy on the Air podcast – Showcasing Dairy and the Power of Resilience – features an in-depth discussion with Olympic track & field star and gold medalist Morolake Akinosun.

This conversation details how the persistence and resilience she’s shown in her career mirrors the resilience dairy farmers exude on the farm each and every day. She also talks about the important role dairy foods have played in her athletic success and in nourishing her body for whatever comes next in her career.

A partner of Team Milk and Midwest Dairy, Morolake and host Andy Vance discuss the work she is doing to raise awareness about the nutritional benefits of dairy, and her personal story of overcoming injury and demonstrating perseverance as an athlete.

She shares what’s she’s learned by spending time on a dairy farm and how, in many ways, her story has parallels to the resilience dairy farmers demonstrate.

Morolake also discusses fueling her body and how dairy foods are an essential part of her nutritional strategy when it comes to providing the energy needed for her workouts and for helping her body recover and rebuild.

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