Episode 17: Collaboration Key to Building Trust in Dairy

Tune in to Dairy on the Air for three new episodes. Each presents relevant conversations impacting the dairy industry.

Collaboration Key to Building Consumer Trust: The Undeniably Dairy campaign, now in its second year, is making strides in building consumer trust in dairy. Host Lucas Lentsch sits down with Beth Engelmann, chief marketing communications officer at Dairy Management, Inc. and Victor Zaborsky, vice president of marketing at MilkPEP, to discuss the industry’s collaborative efforts to tell the Undeniably Dairy story. The conversation highlights the important role dairy farmers play in telling their stories to capture consumers’ attention and trust.

Millennials Matter to Dairy Industry Success: Millennials, those born between 1981-1996, make up the largest demographic in the United States, and they have a larger spending power than the two generations before them, Baby Boomers and Generation X. With the potential for so much influence, capturing the hearts of Millennials is important to success for the dairy industry. Eve Pollet, senior vice president of strategic intelligence at Dairy Management Inc., sits down with Lentsch to discuss why Millennials matter to the dairy industry and how the dairy industry can engage and innovate to better connect with this influential generation.

Dairy’s Role in Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Management: It’s predicted that by 2050, more than half the U.S. population will be at risk for pre-diabetes or have type 2 diabetes. Joslin Diabetes Center is a world-renowned research and treatment center dedicated to reducing risk and improving disease management. Cara Schrager, registered dietitian and Joslin’s clinical programs manager; and Julie Mattson Ostrow, registered dietitian and vice president of wellness at Midwest Dairy, join Lentsch to discuss current and emerging research which points to dairy’s beneficial or neutral impact on type 2 diabetes prevention and management. The discussion also highlights how dairy checkoff is building awareness of this research among wellness and nutrition professionals to generate increased support of dairy’s role in the diabetic diet and in disease prevention.

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