Episode 8: How the Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center Helps Industry Address Challenges

Dr. Lloyd Metzger, director of the Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center (MDFRC) joined Midwest Dairy CEO, Lucas Lentsch, to discuss how the research conducted at the MDFRC helps solve industry challenges that impact consumers and dairy farmers on the newest episode of Dairy on the Air, a podcast for all things dairy.

Metzger explains how dairy researchers and food companies work together to identify research priorities that provide real world applications to the challenges facing food manufacturers. These are built around four key areas of:

  • Analytical tools and testing methods
  • Manufacturing, quality and functionality of dairy products
  • Safety, flavor and nutritional profiles
  • Value-added products

“We are funded by dairy farmers to my main concern is that we have capabilities to do research on dairy products that will benefit dairy farmers,” says Metzger. “That is my number one priority.”

Tune into the conversation with Metzger to also hear:

  • How the research priorities are identified
  • Examples of past research projects that have helped solve a challenge to create dairy products consumers desire
  • How the MDFRC is structured and works with national research centers

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