Episode 7: Dairy Research and Sustainability in Action

A growing body of research showing the health benefits of full-fat dairy is drawing attention from the nutrition community. Get the story behind this research and more in the newest episode of Dairy on the Air, during which Dr. Greg Miller, Ph.D., the National Dairy Council’s Chief Science Officer, and Allen Merrill, South Dakota dairy farmer and Midwest Dairy Board Chairman, discuss dairy nutrition and sustainability research and how dairy farmer investment in this work is creating new opportunities.

Miller notes that data from research around full-fat dairy is helping to build consensus in the nutrition community that dairy foods with higher fat content, such as whole milk, provides health benefits and can help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The increasing awareness of the health benefits provides an opportunity to reconnect with consumers who cut out dairy because of health concerns.

“A long-term investment will pay dividends if we stick to it and do good science,” says Miller.

Throughout the episode, you will also hear:

  • How investment in dairy nutrition and sustainability is building new knowledge and insights to create new opportunities for dairy
  • The role of nutrition research that is driving food sustainability globally
  • How dairy farmers contribute to sustainable food production

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