Episode 5: Building Relationships with Global Consumers

The conversation around opportunities for U.S. dairy in the global market continues in a new episode of Dairy on the Air. Lowell Mueller, a Nebraska dairy farmer and Dairy Management Inc. board member, talks about his trade mission trip to Asia and his takeaways about exports.

Noting that over half of meals are consumed outside of the home, that Japan is the the largest importer of cheese and that Hong Kong imports virtually all its food, Mueller said its easy to see the tremendous opportunity to increase the amount U.S. dairy products sold and consumed in Asia. He also noted that an important element to increase the presence of U.S. dairy in Asia is built on building relationships with global consumers.

“Exporting is not a sprint; it’s a marathon,” said Mueller. “That’s why these relationships take time and we have to continue to work to build them.”

Tune into this episode of Dairy on the Air to hear:

  • How U.S. dairy is leveraging relationships with influencers, such as Dr. Hattori from Iron Chef, in the food service industry to bolster use of U.S. cheese
  • The need to innovate small packaging for consumers who shop frequently
  • The opportunities to build partnerships with health and wellness companies, such as Curves gym, to increase the amount protein in diets

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