Episode 4: Driving U.S. Dairy Demand Around the Globe

With dairy exports on pace for a record year, Tom Vilsack, President and CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council discussed global dairy trends and export opportunities for U.S. dairy in the newest episode of Dairy on the Air.

Citing global changes including population growth, increasing urbanization and a growing middle class, Vilsack said he’s optimistic, bullish even, about exports and new market opportunities, especially in Asia, which is the third largest consumer of U.S. cheese. He also highlighted the need to share the US. dairy story with a global audience. Just as consumers in the U.S. want to know the dairy products they consume were produced with sustainable methods and attention to animal welfare, so do international customers.

“We have a great story to tell,” said Vlisack. “For us to be successful in export markets, we have to be able to market the U.S. dairy stories of sustainability, safety, ample supply and innovation.”
In the episode, you will also hear Vilsack discuss:

  • Why American dairy farmers are the best in the world
  • The challenges of alternative beverages and aggressive global competitors
  • How the global trend of grab and go meal and snack options creates opportunities for U.S. dairy

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