Episode 33: A Deeper Dive into Dairy Farming and Sustainability

In the latest episode of Midwest Dairy’s Dairy on the Air podcast – A Deeper Dive into Dairy Farming and Sustainability – Midwest dairy farmer and AMPI Chairman of the Board, Steve Schlangen, and Midwest Dairy Vice President, Agricultural Affairs, Bob Lefebvre, discuss key elements of the dairy community’s commitments and goals to be part of the environmental solution.

In this conversation, hosted Andy Vance, Schlangen and Lefebvre share how all dairy farmers – no matter the size of their operation – can help be part of the solution for the dairy value chain to accomplish U.S. Dairy’s 2050 environmental stewardship goals. With a longstanding commitment to sustainability, dairy farmers are in a unique position to deliver on these consumer demands. Data has shown that consumers’ desires to buy more sustainable products has held steady or increased during the pandemic, and that they want brands and companies to implement programs that help the environment. In addition, sustainability is becoming a bigger part of decision-making for investors. By working toward these sustainability goals, the value chain will have data proof points to share that will put metrics behind these efforts.

Schlangen and Lefebvre talk about how this work is the right thing to do, and how there are four key areas that dairy farmers can focus on, including: feed production, cow care, energy efficiency and manure management. Schlangen mentions how not all tactics are the right choice for each farmer, however, it is important for dairy farmers to evaluate options and take note of the successes of other farmers. Then, they must determine what is the right fit for their farm, and work to make those changes – many of which also have potential to help a farm’s bottom line.

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