“Adopt A Cow” Program Featured

The Inside the Bullseye podcast features the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin’s adopt-a-cow program.

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U.S. Dairy Export Council CEO/Pres Talks Export Success And future vision

The Dairy Foods “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast features USDEC President and CEO Krysta Harden, who addresses export successes and her vision for the organization’s future.

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Dairy Education and Exports

DMI’s Amy Wagner goes in-depth on the Dairy Signal podcast in discussing how the checkoff is driving sales of U.S. dairy through partnerships internationally and with support from USDEC.

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Actuality: Innovation in Evolution of Cheese Products

Paul Ziemnisky of Dairy Management Inc. uses cheese as an example of how production innovation has increased consumer demand over the last fifty years. Listen to USDA Radio

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Amazon Fresh: Future of online dairy sales

DMI’s Paul Ziemnisky and Beau Hayden provide insights on the checkoff’s relationship with Amazon Fresh and the growing opportunities for dairy through online retail sales

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2021 U.S. Dairy sustainability Award Winners Discuss Their Manure Digester

Recent sustainability award winners Chase and Danielle Goodrich explain how installing a manure digester that pipes gas to a college has provided a secondary revenue stream for their Vermont dairy farm.

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Indiana dairy farmer Mike McCloskey and Catherine de Ronde featured on The Dairy Download

Americans sure love dairy, and consumers across the world are demanding more high-quality American dairy products than ever before. As milk production increases in the U.S., so too do herd sizes, while the total number of dairy farms continues to decline. What does sustainable growth look like from the farmer’s point of view? This week…

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Cheesehead Dreaming

Jen Walsh of the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Kristine Hansen, author of the Wisconsin Cheese Cookbook, share cheese-focused insights with IDFA’s Dairy Download.

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A New Kind of Crisis: Cyber Attacks

Activist groups have attacked dairy operations for many years. However, their tactics have evolved to include cyber attacks that create significant ongoing issues for dairy operations. In this episode, we talked with Erin Nutcher, a California dairy producer who has become the victim of cyber attacks from activist groups. Take a minute to listen to…

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Explaining Dairy With megan Kregel

Dairy farmer Megan Kregel (@megan_dairygirl on TikTok) explains dairy to The Shark Farmer, Rob Sharkey.

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