A New Kind of Crisis: Cyber Attacks

Activist groups have attacked dairy operations for many years. However, their tactics have evolved to include cyber attacks that create significant ongoing issues for dairy operations. In this episode,...

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Explaining Dairy With megan Kregel

Dairy farmer Megan Kregel (@megan_dairygirl on TikTok) explains dairy to The Shark Farmer, Rob Sharkey.

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How to utilize manure and increase profitability

Manure can be complex for farmers, but with proper management the benefits can be profitable. Dairy Stream host Mike Austin talks with Dr. Jamie Patton, soil scientist with the...

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Dairy food manufacturers talk about disruptive innovation

IDFA’s Dairy Download features two manufacturing executives who are bringing “disruptive innovation” to consumer palates.

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New Mexico Milkmaid talks sustainability and advocating for ag

The Milk Minute Dairy Podcast talks with New Mexico farmer Tara Vander Dussen about dairy sustainability and advocating for agriculture online.

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Missouri Farmers Care podcast features a “cheesy” conversation

Missouri Farmers Care (MFC) and Midwest Dairy teamed up for a fun and “cheesy” episode for the Stand for Ag podcast. MFC Executive Director Ashley McCarty led the nearly...

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